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Fully Insured Commercial Drone Services

EDS AERO LTD is a member of ARPAS-UK, Drone Safe Register and Checkatrade. Our aerial drone services include property inspections, residential, commercial and industrial roof inspection and surveys. We have partnered with vetted trade specialists to provide their expert analysis and quotes for the corrective work. We also offer aerial drone photography and videography.

Professional & Reliable

Applying over a decade of commercial flying experience, we can offer a highly trained and experienced team. DBS checked, A2 CofC and GVC Qualified Pilots.

Insured & Accredited

£10 million Public Liability, £50k Professional Indemnity and CAA Commercial Insurance for UAS (drone) Operations, provided by Coverdrone.

Customised Solutions

We work closely with our customers, to deliver a service that exceeds expectations, adds value to their business, enhances safety, improves efficiency and saves money.

Fast Turnaround

Market leading drones, software, secure data transfer and storage, enable us to deliver extensive reports for our customers efficiently, whilst also protecting their data. 


Property Inspection

Commercial and Industrial units are hard to inspect, without using costly equipment. Using drones, we can quickly map your building in a single flight and provide images, models, and video to help identify areas of concern. Thermal images will identify damp areas.

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Thermal Inspection

Our drones have FLIR Lepton Radiometric Thermal sensors, that are great for inspecting solar PV panels. Damaged cells will reflect heat, enabling their detection. Drones can inspect large sites quickly saving time and money.

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Damage Inspection

Our drones provide the best solution for Insurance companies looking for a quick and efficient way of assessing damage to properties or land. We can quickly map structures and land from several perspectives. Video and camera footage can highlight areas of interest, helping improve efficiency and accuracy in assessing a claim.

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2D & 3D Mapping

Our drones can quickly map land, buildings, stockpiles, solar farms, wind turbines and more. We can produce interactive photogrammetry maps, to provide area measurements, stockpile volumes, field boundaries and promotional models for commercial property sales.

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Aerial Filming

We have a background in Cinematography, having previously worked on film and promotional productions. Our drones are capable of capturing 35mm, 4:3 or 16:9 in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition. With 128 GB storage capacity per Micro SD, we can record a huge amount of footage very efficiently.

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Aerial Photography

Our drones can take amazing aerial photographs. Using 35 mm format we can capture 4K Ultra High Definition images in JPEG format. Our service includes image rendering, using industry leading software, to suit all your requirements. We cater for weddings, property, and business marketing.

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City Centres

Our drones are able to operate in city centres, with reduced separation from uninvolved people.  We can also use our drones for internal building inspection.

Safety First

Our drone pilots are equipped with safety equipment, first aid kit, traffic cones and signs. We use fire extinguishers designed for drones and other electrical equipment.

Data Protection

We use industry leading end-to-end encrypted data storage and transfer, which is GDPR ready, meets ISO 27001 standards and is HIPAA compliant.

Data Quality

Data collection, that is clearly presented and provides value is very important to our customers. Our secure drone data analysis software enables us to present the data our customers need.


Our prices are competitive and will depend on the level of service we provide.

We are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, so prior-planning is essential, especially if the location is within restricted airspace. If a location is within an aerodrome’s controlled airspace, special authorisation is required. We work closely with airport operators and Air Traffic Control, to ensure we obtain the appropriate permission. Site visits may be necessary, especially if operating at night, to carry out risk assessments and specific site safety requirements.

Our drones provide a fully customised solution, based on our customer’s requirements.

We can help improve the efficiency of your business, by streamlining data capture and processing.


EDS Aero LTD was established in 2020, by a former Flybe pilot. We are based in Devon and offer a range of professional drone services, to customers across the UK.

As airline pilots, we have developed skills that enable us to effectively plan operations, assess and mitigate risk, work with various stakeholders, understand industry regulations, whilst delivering a professional and reliable service.

We are insured for commercial drone operations, by Coverdrone, which includes Aviation and Public Liability Insurance. We can operate within “High-Risk” premises, Airport Flight Restriction Zones, and Built-up (Congested) Areas.



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